Hunter Finance and their SEO revamp

Hunter Finance and their SEO revamp

The importance of SEO for Hunter Finance

Hunter Finance is a company that offers development finance loans to individuals that want to begin their property development journey.

They are different to traditional methods such as banks which do not exclusively offer loans only for the purpose of developing a residential or commercial property.

The brand wanted to appeal to potential customers as they were aware of the demand for the services they were offering.

As many individuals that were looking to get into property development were continuously being turned away from banks, they wanted to capture their attention in an organic way.

The whole message behind their lending process was that it was exclusively for those looking for development finance loans for developing property rather than providing mortgages to those who were looking to buy a home.

Who are their services for?

The market they were focusing on appealing to were commercial and residential property developers looking for a loan so they could perform more developing projects with development finance loans given to them.

Through the simplified development finance process it provided new and experienced property developers with the opportunity to carry out more development projects with adequate funding.

The loan company also prides themselves on delivering a simplified approach to applying for a loan. Instead of long waiting period and multiple forms to fill in, they minimise the process and deliver a yes or no response when a decision is made.

How we helped them

We provided Hunter Finance with recommendations of the best SEO keywords to use so they would be able to capture the attention of their audience.

Aside from editing their existing content with the chosen SEO keywords so they could increase their traffic on Google, we also created new content with the chosen keywords and related it to the website.

SEO not only helps businesses improve their ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing, it also helps them have an advantage over their competitors in the same industry that have not invested in effective SEO ranking methods.

To understand more about the importance of SEO, please read ‘8 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Search Engine Optimization’.

Their SEO campaign results

For the first three months of the development and performance of their SEO campaign, Hunter Finance noticed an increase in new customers as well as an increase in the percentage of customers that were returning to the website.

The number of new customers went up by an extra 4% which was shown to be a result of the selected SEO keywords that the company wanted to be their chosen keywords.

The number of returning customers also increased following the first three months of their SEO campaign.

More customers continued to return to the website from when they first visited, this showed that individuals were interested in what the brand had to offer as well their customers.

The amount of customers finding them through SEO also rose from 5% before the campaign to 27% following the first three months after the campaign.

By analysing the main keywords that the users used to find the brand, it showed us that the SEO campaign was a success as the rise in customers finding Hunter Finance through their selected keywords showed them that the SEO campaign was a success.

We still work closely with Hunter Finance in order to ensure they are making the most of their SEO potential and continue to access ways to improve the brand’s SEO.

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