5 Ideas to help with creating content for your social m

Content Creation

It’s nearly September! This means the retail Christmas countdown has now started. We’ve been into several shops and spotted Christmas chocolates, cards and gifts already.

So, before we start thinking about Christmas, how about we just focus on September? It’s the start of term for many Schools and Universities across the UK. If you run a business with a target audience of Mums and Dads, e.g. Pre-school classes, Birthday party entertainment, Swim or Dance lessons, then now is the optimum time to advertise to your customers.

We create social media content for many of our customers, so we understand that it can be quite daunting at the start of a month to look at an empty schedule and think about your audience and what they might like to know about.

Here are some ideas and things to remember when crafting your content for September and the next few months…

  • Why not try writing a blog or an article that you can use as the focus for this month. You could break this down into useful snippets and share with your audience. Your website will thank you for it!
  • Think about dates that are key to your type of business. How could you use them to showcase you and your business? Every day is an awareness day for something, so it’s important to pick the ones that your audience can really relate to. Who knew that 19th September was “International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2017?” Don’t get thrown overboard!
  • Have you used video in your social media content this month? How could you share a video with your audience that gets your message across and starts to really get them to consider using your business?
  • Think about your customers. What problem could you solve for them this month? Write about that in your social media.
  • Have some fun with conversation starters. We recently took part in the Twitter chat #Covhour. We asked the question “Which was your first mobile phone” we added a photo and Kate spent the next hour talking to people about battery life and how on earth we coped before the smartphone. Now, we know we weren’t talking about social media or marketing but we were talking and networking with others. This for us worked a lot better than a tweet that said: “buy our stuff we’re great”.

Over to you… what have you tried that didn’t work? What do you think works well for your business and audience?

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If you are looking to plan your social media more effectively and you would like more ideas.